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SherlockCode jQuery Demo

About This Demo

This is a first demo of SherlockCode using the /src directory of the jQuery library. Chances are you have used jQuery but you probably haven't browsed the raw code to see how it is built and how well designed it is. Now is your chance.

What is SherlockCode?

SherlockCode is an online service that enables you to explore code in new ways. Browse files, search for variables, see all references to a symbol and a have one-click access to function definitions all from your browser. It's like being able to teleport within your code.

Sign up for a beta invite when you'll be able to use SherlockCode on your own code, whether is it versioned in Git, Mercurial, or Subversion. We'll pull the code from wherever it is hosted and host the processed code here. Public projects are free forever and private projects will be free during the beta.

Want to know more? Check out the FAQ and signup for a beta invite.

How do I use this?

To view a file click on a filename in the tree to the left. Once the file is open you can click on any symbol in the file to instantly see where that symbol is defined or referenced across the library and then instantly jump to those references. You can also bookmark any source file line by clicking on a line number.

If you want to search instead of browse just start typing and you should quickly see a suggested list of symbols and filenames as you type. Try it out with "ajax" or "serialize".

If you would like to know when other demos become available or want to participate in our beta please signup for our newsletter. If you have any ideas please click on the "feedback" tab to the right and let us know.

Have fun and thanks for trying out the demo!